Thursday, 5 January 2017

10 + 1 Things I've Learned From 2016

Hello, ladies!

How did your holidays go? How did you find 2016?

If I were to only consider what's been going on with my personal life and the smaller community I belong to, everything's going great! I made lots of new friends in uni, more than I thought I'd have--even more than what I actually needed. Some of my friends got married. Two of them had a baby months ago. My well-being is great. I have become more open and loving to my family, especially to my mom. My relationship with Dom has been fantastic, and we've been together for about 11 months now (11 months tomorrow, to be precise).

But as part of my recent ~epiphany~, I have also made national issues my concern. And it should be, as national policies and policy-makers affect how I and my loved ones would live. So, as you can tell by the news, things have been pretty stressful as well.

To be honest, I don't want to label 2016 as the worst year in my lifetime so far, as this was the only year I ever truly cared. Besides, I don't have the figures to support that claim. I just made a list of 10 lessons I've learned from 2016.

Stranger Things

  1. Just because people seem like they need saving doesn’t mean they want to be. We make ourselves responsible of other people’s lives, but, sometimes, we don’t have to be. Especially if 1) it wouldn’t affect ours and 2) they’re not asking to be saved. We can only present to them what we think is good counsel, but it’s still up to them if they want to put it to use.
  2. Words, no matter how direct or concise, are not always enough to convey a message. Sometimes the recipient of the message may not be open for understanding. And we can only do so much.
  3. When people make decisions by blind faith, democracy and science become our enemies. But democracy and science are the best we have so far. We must put these tools to good use.
  4. Most of us do not want to be proven wrong, even for the sake of truth. We all have this tendency to make ideas a part of who we are, that we take offense when people disagree with these ideas. But ideas are dynamic as well as people, and we must embrace this fact.
  5. We often play the victim and antagonize others instead of truly understanding the whole story. We tend to take things personally, we sometimes fail to see the bigger picture.
  6. Expressing our outrage against inequality and abuse is always warranted. Unless our expression starts becoming harmful.
  7. Love is a reflection of the self. We choose who we love by how we view ourselves or by how we want ourselves to be.
  8. When something good happens to us, we suddenly become responsible in taking care of that good thing. We nurture it and make it grow.
  9. Coffee after 9 pm begets late night overthinking. And overthinking may lead to bad decisions.
  10. When crisis arise, art is our best friend. Coping and healing through art!
  11. When opportunity presents itself, grab it by the pants and jump on it at the airport. Dom asked me to put this here. Yeah.