Monday, 21 November 2016

Lolas Go to Future

Hey, guys!!!

When I was still living in Manila, I always heard about Today X Future, a small bar in Cubao which is basically a hipster den. This was the first time I'd been there, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with you!

Photo from Today X Future's event page.

We went to Future (as people fondly call it) on the 29th, which wasn't a Halloween night (duh) but lots of people were already celebrating. I met Butch in LB (who was fresh from taking an exam in grad school), then rode the bus with her on the way to QC. Before everything else, we dined in at Red Hana in Matalino. The food was so good!!! I loved the salmon sashimi and miso ramen the best, but everything we had was superb. It was so filling, but it didn't make me feel like I could've gained 10 pounds after eating it.

After our early dinner, I bought some mocha frappe (I like mine credible~) from Starbucks to keep me energized for the night, because lola. Butch and I parted ways, and I was on my way to Eira's dorm in UPD.

To be honest, I was leaning on not going to this party anymore as I didn't have the budget (although you guys have been sweet enough to agree on pitching in for me, aww). But my sugar daddy (hi Dom, love you!!) sent me some m0neyz, that's why I got to go without hesitation. Dom was actually surprised that I didn't spend as much as he was expecting me to.

Anyway!!! So yeah. That's mainly the reason why I didn't prepare for my costume. Luckily, I have wonderful friends and they volunteered on lending me clothes, too. You guys are the best!

I was supposed to go as Mia Wallace, but we can be forgetful sometimes, that's why I went as the girl from Battle Royale!

Eira was so prepared, she brought two sets of costumes. Yay!!!

Butch went as Eleven, from Stranger Things (she was gonna wear a wig, but we couldn't figure out how to properly put it on her), Gilly went as Penny Lane from Almost Famous, and Eira was Leia from Star Wars.

I also met our devcom batchmate, Sandy (who came as Emma from Blue is the Warmest Colour), for the first time! I'm pretty sure we were classmates in uni at some point but I don't remember 'cause I was mostly MIA.

There were at least three couples who came as Sam and Suzy from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. And we thought we were gonna see lots of Harley Quinns! I forgot this was a hipster party. I didn't get to take too many pictures though 'cause I often try to keep my phone when I'm doing stuff with friends.

We retired early because lola~ and because the party was getting a bit boring. It wasn't totally boring, just kind of underwhelming. We had some rum Coke at Gilly's place and talked 'til dawn. Butch didn't get enough sleep, so she slept the whole night through.

Overall, it was fun! I'd be glad to attend more costume parties with you in the future!

How about you, ladies? How did you find the party?


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