Saturday, 1 October 2016

Negros Photodump + Hi Gilly!

Yes, yes, I know, you've seen this on Facebook already. Even liked or loved it.

Never really got to tell you guys where and when exactly and how this picture came to be as I haven't been seeing y'all except for Eira. This picture was taken at NAIA Terminal 3 after I jumped on Dom the moment I saw his face in person FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE EVER. My good friend Jonri accompanied me at the airport and was also the one who took the initiative to take our picture--I wasn't thinking about taking any photos at all at the time. I was too overwhelmed. I was shaking and excited and shy all at the same time. Thus, that face!

Dom thought it was going to be all awkward at first and that we'd probably just hold hands or something. But not only did I break the ice daw, I also made it melt away~

To give you an idea how my week in Negros turned out, here are some pictures after the cut!

I got Dom a supposedly space-themed birthday cake from Laguna-based bakeshop Bertie's that got smooshed on our way to his family home in Negros. Naturally.
Dom's hometown (?) in the Philippines.
Dom's niece, Freya, who only spoke Bisaya and some English.
Out of focus! Me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me.
Dom's mom posing for the cam.
Punta Bulata
Found an interesting subject?
I got one, too. Or three...
I called it "Padfoot".
Too cloudy for a sunset shot.
I don't know what I was trying to achieve here...
Bus to Bacolod. We got off in Kabankalan for a bus to Dumaguete.
It's not often that they have a Dumaguete-bound bus from Kabankalan so we had to stand up. Not that I'm not used to this.
At long last!
At The Bean Connection, Portal West in Silliman.
I don't remember whose character this is.
Playing Betrayal at House on the Hill with Dom's friends.

I'm sure there are photos that I'd like better if only I had the chance to browse through all of them. Anyway, I'll tell y'all more about this the next time we meet! In the meantime, let's all welcome our new club member, Gillian! If Eira is my waifu, Gillian is basically Butch's haha. So glad that you finally accepted my invite!!! Hahahaha! Don't hesitate to post just about anything. Looking forward to whatever you'd be posting in the future. But no rush!!!

Stay safe, and dry, and strong.

Love always,

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