Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Hello, girls.

I know there's been so much tension recently, with the extrajudicial killings, territorial claims, etc. I hope you guys are okay. I know I'm not.

You know how this blog is usually hopeful and positive about, well, everything? Can I just say that, today, I just don't feel like that. Not to say that I'm feeling completely hopeless. Even with all this rage, I know at the back of my mind that everything will turn out for the better. It has to. We, as a race (as in the human race), have always strived hard and, time and again, won this battle against ourselves, against tyranny and oppression and everything that keeps us from our freedom to more than exist--to live. And, you know, I still believe that we'll still come up with something because, well, that's what we do. We feel fear and overcome it. We overthrow what's keeping us from living. We do not let the oppressive ways of man prevail.

But, today... today, loves, I feel grave because, after the war has been won, the lives of those who were not treated with fair trial would've still been gone. Their families, still haunted by the injustices of this world. I feel grave because misinformation still spreads and people, a large number of them, still fall trap to this. Is it really that hard to understand? Also, what is the use of words if people keep giving them meanings other than what was intended? Are we all really trying hard enough to understand what these words actually mean or do we just merely react without thought?

Why can't people just be nice?

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Page 394.

Dear Tin and Butch,

So I really just want to expound on this tweet of mine with you girls,

But as I reread some of your last posts (Butch; Tin), it turns out that we're all finally on the same page? I'm finally on page 394, you guys! (Sorry if I'm a little late to the *tea* party, but I actually thought I already know what I'm doing with my life, when it turns out I don't. Don't you just hate it when that happens--which is most of the time for me. LOL.)

Well anyway, you guys know what have recently been going on in my life, Tin especially. You can always refer to the A Witch's Brew "mini-series" (The Witch, The Brew) for a fun, rather cryptic, introduction. And as I write this, I guess I'm formally ending that chapter.

The witch's brew has lost its effect on me, and maybe that's a good thing.