Tuesday, 26 April 2016

When was the last time I blogged?

Dearest Tin & Eira,

I may have been MIA for the last few months but always know you ladies are in my heart <3 

Last week, I attended a workshop on success story writing and packaging in the far away land of Mindanao (well it depends on your perspective, I guess). This would help the Agency's staff showcase stories of beneficiaries whose lives were uplifted through the support of its Programs.

Since it was a writeshop, we were encouraged (required is the apt term really) to write, write, and write some more. One of the outputs was a daily reflection. Here's mine for the first day of the training:

Excited and apprehensive, these are the two words that would best describe this day. It’s certainly a far cry from my usual Monday which is mostly mundane, manic, and full of heavy traffic. The day started off at an easy pace; despite the sea of new faces, the thought of isolation in a highland farm and living a provincial life for the next few days had a weirdly calming effect on me.

Prior to the workshop, I already googled Hoyohoy so I would have an idea about the place (I would not be me if I did not do this). What the search did not show, however, was the absolutely gorgeous view from the top. I was not ready to be confronted by such beauty! I won’t describe myself as creative, yet I was almost tempted to try my hand at writing a poem just to pay tribute to my surroundings.

That view though, right??
While the place provided a distraction, the workshop proper was inevitable. My anxiety level was slowly shooting up while hearing the outputs which we have to write. Yes, I was a communications major during my undergrad days, but I consider writing articles as my biggest weakness. To be honest, I have not written an article ever since I finished my degree four years ago. My so-called writing skills have been utilized for training designs, reports, and volunteer assignment description forms (in my previous work). That’s why when my boss told me that I will be participating in this training, my insides started tingling (and not in a good way).

Fortunately, the facilitator's comforting words about the ongoing mentorship throughout the duration has eased at least some of my worries. Despite my insecurities, the knowledge that there are people who will be coaching us is very encouraging. Suddenly, I’m keen to update my writing skills.


Humblebragging rights: My success story article actually got chosen as the best one at the end of the workshop :) This serves as a big reinforcement to me as I'm very insecure about my writing. It also made me think that I might actually be good at this, hence, the decision to go back to blogging.

That's all for now. Hope I can keep up with updating the blog!!


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