Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Woodland Creatures and Some Important Mindsets

Hello, ladies.

Ah. Been a while since I last posted in this blog huh. I am SO glad Eira wrote about Kiki's Delivery Service! I have been meaning to write about this movie for the longest time; I just couldn't get myself to write about it as I didn't see the need for it then. Maybe because I was already out of my Kiki phase last year so the feels were not as extreme and fresh (???) as it was the first time. That or I was just too lazy to organize my thoughts and finally put them into writing (I'm so sorry). So, yes. Thank you... THANK YOU, Eira, for finally putting it out there. I may have some other things to add about it, too, but I'll reserve that for another post. Probably for a Studio Ghibli themed post? (But don't keep your hopes up high!)

I won't be saying much on this post. Rather, I would just like to share two videos with you, ladies. I'm sure these are some stuff we've already talked about before while chit chatting, but I'd just like to share them all the same because 1) woodland creatures (!!!) by Katy Davis. And 2) these topics couldn't have been illustrated more concisely and whimsically than this.

There's something to ponder on.

I hope you guys will enjoy watching them as much as I did.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Witch's Brew to Writer's Block: The Recipe (2/2)

Hey Kristine and Butch!

(Wow, look at me, two posts in two days. *mini tea party* Lol.)

Anyway, I'm only ever so sipag active right now 'cause I realized my previous title might have been misleading. I promised a witch's brew, and Kiki didn't even make potions! Okay, maybe her mother did, but this puts Snape to shame. Such a dishonor to Severus' name. So I am here to avenge him. Or fine, maybe just me :))

I must warn you, though, this brew isn't so hard to concoct, but the preparations made before it are quite tedious. It is a long process, and you'll need (and I'm sorry for having to say this) a strong amount of ~commitment~.

Here's how:

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Witch's Brew to Writer's Block: The Witch (1/2)

Hola mi amigas,

I have decided to write a new post. Moreso, I am pushing through with it.

It's 18°C at 4 in the morning, and with the power of the hot coffee I drank N hours ago, I am finally writing to ya'll after almost 9 months.

I could've had a baby, for all you know ;) Hah! Well, with everything that's happened, I guess you can say that. (Of course I haven't actually had a baby, because if that was the case I prolly won't even be able to write. ANYWAY!) So much has changed in the world, and so many things have happened to me personally. And I have no idea where to begin.

Needless to say (more), it's been a while, and I just wanted to write to you girls again. To write. (Hopefully more consistently, hehe.)

And this blog was the first thing that came to mind.

I mean, remember how we started this? "Let's start a blog!" "We can write everyday, every other day, once a week, or for months at a time." (The last one being the case at the moment, lol.) But the best part of it was this: "No pressure." #WalangCommitment #LowMaintenanceFriendships

We can write whatever we felt like writing about, and then maybe try to relate it to some form of literature 'cause it's supposed to be a book club~ (And I guess also 'cause it will make us sound more intelligent i.e., sound like we knew what we were actually talking about. Haha.) Plus there's also the comfort of knowing that at least two lolas are listening 'cause it's sort of a letter. A sort of open letter, but one that is actually addressed to two dear friends. *tear*

Okay. Enough reminiscing!

We need that writer's block cure. Let's meet this witch!