Monday, 21 November 2016

Lolas Go to Future

Hey, guys!!!

When I was still living in Manila, I always heard about Today X Future, a small bar in Cubao which is basically a hipster den. This was the first time I'd been there, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with you!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Lola Book Club, Doodle Faced!

Hi, it's me again.

Recently, I installed this app called Doodle Face (it's free, like most things LOL) because I'm such a sucker for avatar-generating apps. I made one of me and Dom first and was quite pleased with the result that I started making ones for my friends... including you! <3





I noticed that the features in the app are mostly hipster-ish (?) and most of the hair styles are voluminous. Which actually turned out to be more challenging in creating other friends' avatars than it was creating yours. Still, I hope I managed to capture our general features!


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Negros Photodump + Hi Gilly!

Yes, yes, I know, you've seen this on Facebook already. Even liked or loved it.

Never really got to tell you guys where and when exactly and how this picture came to be as I haven't been seeing y'all except for Eira. This picture was taken at NAIA Terminal 3 after I jumped on Dom the moment I saw his face in person FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE EVER. My good friend Jonri accompanied me at the airport and was also the one who took the initiative to take our picture--I wasn't thinking about taking any photos at all at the time. I was too overwhelmed. I was shaking and excited and shy all at the same time. Thus, that face!

Dom thought it was going to be all awkward at first and that we'd probably just hold hands or something. But not only did I break the ice daw, I also made it melt away~

To give you an idea how my week in Negros turned out, here are some pictures after the cut!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Hello, girls.

I know there's been so much tension recently, with the extrajudicial killings, territorial claims, etc. I hope you guys are okay. I know I'm not.

You know how this blog is usually hopeful and positive about, well, everything? Can I just say that, today, I just don't feel like that. Not to say that I'm feeling completely hopeless. Even with all this rage, I know at the back of my mind that everything will turn out for the better. It has to. We, as a race (as in the human race), have always strived hard and, time and again, won this battle against ourselves, against tyranny and oppression and everything that keeps us from our freedom to more than exist--to live. And, you know, I still believe that we'll still come up with something because, well, that's what we do. We feel fear and overcome it. We overthrow what's keeping us from living. We do not let the oppressive ways of man prevail.

But, today... today, loves, I feel grave because, after the war has been won, the lives of those who were not treated with fair trial would've still been gone. Their families, still haunted by the injustices of this world. I feel grave because misinformation still spreads and people, a large number of them, still fall trap to this. Is it really that hard to understand? Also, what is the use of words if people keep giving them meanings other than what was intended? Are we all really trying hard enough to understand what these words actually mean or do we just merely react without thought?

Why can't people just be nice?

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Page 394.

Dear Tin and Butch,

So I really just want to expound on this tweet of mine with you girls,

But as I reread some of your last posts (Butch; Tin), it turns out that we're all finally on the same page? I'm finally on page 394, you guys! (Sorry if I'm a little late to the *tea* party, but I actually thought I already know what I'm doing with my life, when it turns out I don't. Don't you just hate it when that happens--which is most of the time for me. LOL.)

Well anyway, you guys know what have recently been going on in my life, Tin especially. You can always refer to the A Witch's Brew "mini-series" (The Witch, The Brew) for a fun, rather cryptic, introduction. And as I write this, I guess I'm formally ending that chapter.

The witch's brew has lost its effect on me, and maybe that's a good thing.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Healthy Relationships Are The Best: A Boyfriend Appreciation Post

Hello, Eira, Butch.

You have got to forgive me for going on and on about my boyfriend. Having him is one of those rare occasions where I ask myself what I did right to deserve a good man like him. I am so overwhelmed by his goodness that I feel the need to elaborate.

At least once in our lives did we think that being loved by someone we find fairly okay is enough a reason to settle with the person. Or maybe we did find someone who we think is intelligent, creative, and sensible who loved us in return, that we find it harder--painful--to let them go even when they start treating us in a way we don’t want to be treated. I remember being in too deep in a dysfunctional relationship before that it was I who made excuses for the person, even if their actions clearly show a lack of care, empathy, and responsibility.

While that was obviously a gut-wrenching experience, I’m glad I was able to overcome it, and now I am getting exactly, if not more than what I wanted because I learned what I want and not want from that experience.

To make it more organized and BuzzFeed-like (maybe minus the GIFs), I decided to make a bulleted list on why my boyfriend is awesome *heart bubbles*:

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

That Terrifying Stuff Called Certainty

Dear Eira and Butch,

Boy, am I glad that we’re all writing again! Not on a regular basis, no, but frequent enough to post entries on this blog every now and then. It makes me glad, too, that we have all come up with these insights just by trying to live everyday, if that’s not too vain or too obvious to say.

I totally agree with Butch’s previous post about settling. I know I ended up in unpleasantly complicated situations in the past for not subscribing to the delayed gratification school of thought. I’m glad Butch realized this about her career early on in her life… and look at the rewards you got in the end! Part of me envies you for what you have reached in life, but it’s the kind of envy that’s mostly proud of what you have accomplished.

Now I would like to take this time to write about my take on settling. Eira has heard of this story a thousand times, but I would just like to make an entry about it for my own reference and as a way of catching up with Butch. ;)

As you ladies may already know, for the longest time I had this fear of commitment when it comes to romantic relationships. There was a time last year when news about friends getting engaged and married freaked the hell out of me. I was scared for them, somehow failing to realize that they’re probably ready and were happy about their choice. I was not completely confident about their decision, but this is mainly because of my own fears brought about by years and years of romantic failures.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Why People Should Never Settle

During one or two situations in our lives, we sure have settled for something instead of pursuing the better (preferred) option. We got the regular fries instead of ordering the large one. We purchased a pair of sneakers, even though we really wanted a pretty pair of pumps, just because it's more practical. Worse, we have settled for a guy  just because all of our friends already have partners and we're sick of being alone, forgoing that cute officemate we've been crushing on for the past three months.
There's no such thing as 'good enough'. Instead of holding out or waiting for something better, us mortals tend to settle for the things (or people) that are more accessible to us. We often forget the phrase "patience is a virtue" and grab the first thing that comes to us. We should always strive for the best, not better and definitely not good. In every aspect of our lives (whether it's finding a job or finding a partner) we should always choose what we REALLY want rather than taking what's already in front of us. WE HAVE A CHOICE.
If there's one thing that I always tell my friends, it's to never settle. All of us deserve the best in our endeavors, we just have to hold out and wait for the best  (which is surely) out there :)
I'm glad I remained true to this mantra. A month after graduation, I was already bored doing nothing at home aside from eating, sleeping, and reading my friends' tweets & status updates about their respective jobs. Little by little, a green shadow called jealousy slowly crept behind my back. It affected my self esteem, big-time. I was starting to believe that I'm not good/qualified enough (okay I was applying for positions which were totally un-DevCom). After seeking out jobs that weren't really connected with the degree I finished, I finally decided to pursue positions in organizations concerned with development work. It's tough yet funny at the same time since I'd show up in interviews then see fellow DevCom graduates who were also waiting to be interviewed. After a particularly depressing experience (which my mom noticed so she took me shopping just to cheer me up) I geared my ass up, determined to find and get THE job.
So what's the job? Something DevCom related, particularly with my major. You see, I was hell bent on doing either magazine or development work (very contrasting, I know). Since the former didn't really work out, I had my heart set out with the latter. I sent a lot of CVs (like a LOT) and only a handful of the firms responded. Although I was desperate for work, I wasn't desperate enough to go for a job which I know I'm overqualified for (HAHAHA SORRY). Likewise, I didn't want to accept a role which I'm not knowledgeable about. I have my pride. I am a product of one of the best universities here in the country; I've stayed under its wing since I was in high school. I wasn't going to work for just some job. I'm sure it was my ego talking back then but I'm happy that I've waited my sweet time to be able to get the post I know I wanted and I'm confident to perform.
And yes, it was love at first sight. The moment I read the job description I said, "This is the job." And that was it; I sent my CV and waited to see if they will invite me for an interview. After waiting for a grueling five working days (when in between I bought a new dress and bag for the interview I was confident I'm going to get), they finally contacted me and set an interview. And again, that was it. I answered all questions as honestly as I could and sold (figuratively) myself and my skills. My future boss emailed me at around seven in a Monday evening (which I hardly expected) and screamed my lungs out when he offered me the job.
So you see, it is true, true love waits. In my case, I got the job that I was really rooting for. I loved every minute of it despite the challenges and steep learning curve I faced. I enjoyed meeting a lot of people, travelling to new places, and learning about new cultures and sectors. I worked my ass off for that job for three years and three months before I decided to move on and broaden my horizon.

Remember, in all aspects of your our lives, we always have a choice. These choices are available so we can decide which of them fit our values and priorities best. They help us weed out the bad, and set standards for the good, better, and best. So for the interest of self-development and mental health -- never settle.


This entry was originally posted at last 2012

When was the last time I blogged?

Dearest Tin & Eira,

I may have been MIA for the last few months but always know you ladies are in my heart <3 

Last week, I attended a workshop on success story writing and packaging in the far away land of Mindanao (well it depends on your perspective, I guess). This would help the Agency's staff showcase stories of beneficiaries whose lives were uplifted through the support of its Programs.

Since it was a writeshop, we were encouraged (required is the apt term really) to write, write, and write some more. One of the outputs was a daily reflection. Here's mine for the first day of the training:

Excited and apprehensive, these are the two words that would best describe this day. It’s certainly a far cry from my usual Monday which is mostly mundane, manic, and full of heavy traffic. The day started off at an easy pace; despite the sea of new faces, the thought of isolation in a highland farm and living a provincial life for the next few days had a weirdly calming effect on me.

Prior to the workshop, I already googled Hoyohoy so I would have an idea about the place (I would not be me if I did not do this). What the search did not show, however, was the absolutely gorgeous view from the top. I was not ready to be confronted by such beauty! I won’t describe myself as creative, yet I was almost tempted to try my hand at writing a poem just to pay tribute to my surroundings.

That view though, right??
While the place provided a distraction, the workshop proper was inevitable. My anxiety level was slowly shooting up while hearing the outputs which we have to write. Yes, I was a communications major during my undergrad days, but I consider writing articles as my biggest weakness. To be honest, I have not written an article ever since I finished my degree four years ago. My so-called writing skills have been utilized for training designs, reports, and volunteer assignment description forms (in my previous work). That’s why when my boss told me that I will be participating in this training, my insides started tingling (and not in a good way).

Fortunately, the facilitator's comforting words about the ongoing mentorship throughout the duration has eased at least some of my worries. Despite my insecurities, the knowledge that there are people who will be coaching us is very encouraging. Suddenly, I’m keen to update my writing skills.


Humblebragging rights: My success story article actually got chosen as the best one at the end of the workshop :) This serves as a big reinforcement to me as I'm very insecure about my writing. It also made me think that I might actually be good at this, hence, the decision to go back to blogging.

That's all for now. Hope I can keep up with updating the blog!!


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Woodland Creatures and Some Important Mindsets

Hello, ladies.

Ah. Been a while since I last posted in this blog huh. I am SO glad Eira wrote about Kiki's Delivery Service! I have been meaning to write about this movie for the longest time; I just couldn't get myself to write about it as I didn't see the need for it then. Maybe because I was already out of my Kiki phase last year so the feels were not as extreme and fresh (???) as it was the first time. That or I was just too lazy to organize my thoughts and finally put them into writing (I'm so sorry). So, yes. Thank you... THANK YOU, Eira, for finally putting it out there. I may have some other things to add about it, too, but I'll reserve that for another post. Probably for a Studio Ghibli themed post? (But don't keep your hopes up high!)

I won't be saying much on this post. Rather, I would just like to share two videos with you, ladies. I'm sure these are some stuff we've already talked about before while chit chatting, but I'd just like to share them all the same because 1) woodland creatures (!!!) by Katy Davis. And 2) these topics couldn't have been illustrated more concisely and whimsically than this.

There's something to ponder on.

I hope you guys will enjoy watching them as much as I did.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Witch's Brew to Writer's Block: The Recipe (2/2)

Hey Kristine and Butch!

(Wow, look at me, two posts in two days. *mini tea party* Lol.)

Anyway, I'm only ever so sipag active right now 'cause I realized my previous title might have been misleading. I promised a witch's brew, and Kiki didn't even make potions! Okay, maybe her mother did, but this puts Snape to shame. Such a dishonor to Severus' name. So I am here to avenge him. Or fine, maybe just me :))

I must warn you, though, this brew isn't so hard to concoct, but the preparations made before it are quite tedious. It is a long process, and you'll need (and I'm sorry for having to say this) a strong amount of ~commitment~.

Here's how:

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Witch's Brew to Writer's Block: The Witch (1/2)

Hola mi amigas,

I have decided to write a new post. Moreso, I am pushing through with it.

It's 18°C at 4 in the morning, and with the power of the hot coffee I drank N hours ago, I am finally writing to ya'll after almost 9 months.

I could've had a baby, for all you know ;) Hah! Well, with everything that's happened, I guess you can say that. (Of course I haven't actually had a baby, because if that was the case I prolly won't even be able to write. ANYWAY!) So much has changed in the world, and so many things have happened to me personally. And I have no idea where to begin.

Needless to say (more), it's been a while, and I just wanted to write to you girls again. To write. (Hopefully more consistently, hehe.)

And this blog was the first thing that came to mind.

I mean, remember how we started this? "Let's start a blog!" "We can write everyday, every other day, once a week, or for months at a time." (The last one being the case at the moment, lol.) But the best part of it was this: "No pressure." #WalangCommitment #LowMaintenanceFriendships

We can write whatever we felt like writing about, and then maybe try to relate it to some form of literature 'cause it's supposed to be a book club~ (And I guess also 'cause it will make us sound more intelligent i.e., sound like we knew what we were actually talking about. Haha.) Plus there's also the comfort of knowing that at least two lolas are listening 'cause it's sort of a letter. A sort of open letter, but one that is actually addressed to two dear friends. *tear*

Okay. Enough reminiscing!

We need that writer's block cure. Let's meet this witch!