Saturday, 2 May 2015

One Fine Saturday Morning

Eira! Eira, get up!

Oh my gosh, this day is turning out really well! I woke up at 8-ish and fixed myself a cup of Kopiko Café Blanca (not advertising, I’m just saying…), farmed for some items and coins for my pet in, err, Happy Pet Story, then started reading the third and last of BPRD The Dead Remembered, which is part of the Hellboy universe. Then it started to rain! So, so, cozy! It’s that kind of rain that doesn’t hurt. It’s that kind of rain that’s like a peck on the cheek and does not sting. It’s wonderful and the air is cooler. I hope it stays that way. My lips have been chapping for days from all this heat, it’s not funny.

Sigh. Rain, Hellboy, and my favorite instant coffee on a Saturday morning.

Also, isn't it amusing when you quote a comicbook out of context and it tells you so much about your own life?

Professor Bruttenholm is that uncle we all wish we have.

I'm hoping to go for a swim with Alex and Chuls this afternoon. If Chuls is ever getting up, that is. In the meantime, I'm gonna go carry on with my Hellboy binge reading.

Let me know how your day goes!


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