Thursday, 7 May 2015

On Liz Sherman

As you may have noticed, I’ve been reading quite a lot of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comicbook series recently, and screenshotting Liz Sherman panels pretty often. Now we all know that people would most likely screenshot movie stills or comicbook frames to quote a line that they agree with or can relate to, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

If you never read any of the Hellboy comicbooks, you may know Liz Sherman as Hellboy’s pyrokinetic girlfriend in the movies (which are both directed by my favorite director, Guillermo del Toro). However in the comicbooks, I’ve never encountered an issue that suggests that she has any romantic relations with Hellboy (not that it’s a bad thing; it’s actually not a big deal).

I love Hellboy, okay? I believe I’ve already stressed that hard enough. I love it that it shows the constant battle between nature and nurture. I love it that despite having supernatural abilities, the characters there like Hellboy and Liz aren’t exactly invincible just because of said abilities because those aren’t the only things they’re made of. And, in this sense, it makes them human, too, no matter how different they may seem to be.

BPRD Hollow Earth

I don’t know what exactly was Mike Mignola’s intention when he created Liz’s character, but I always like to think that her “fire” is some kind of a metaphor for inner struggles that most of us face. See, there was a time in my life when I was depressed. Now I know that I’m never not sad about something; I guess loneliness is really just my overall disposition. But to be truly depressed, like the kind where you lose the will to live and, no matter how much you know that happiness is a choice and that life is a gift, your own feelings or whatever’s causing you to feel do not seem to be on your side, like they have a will of their own, as if they’re not yours. It’s like they just use your body as a vessel and you have no control over them. That’s how depression was to me.

And this is why, even though I’m not a pyro, I can feel Liz Sherman’s frustration so much because there are times when I, too, have no control of what’s inside me (which unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, isn't fire). How can my feelings be the master of me when I should be the master of them? It just doesn’t seem right.

You should also know that as much as being a pyrokinetic sounds really cool, because of this power and her inability to control it, Liz has hurt a lot of people, including the ones who mattered to her the most.

The Hellboy series was like a companion to me. Not only because of the awesome art and storyline, obviously, but also because as Liz tries to find her way, I find my way, too. And not just Liz, but the other characters as well. It's like seeking good counsel from fiction. We all do that a lot.

This was the thing I was writing about this morning which I deleted right after I posted it. The previous one I wrote was so much shorter than this. I guess I really should've taken my time on this one.

I wish I got my point through now because I really like people to appreciate or at least understand the fiction I take seriously. Haha!

Anyway, I'm gonna go and hit the sack now. Otherwise, I might not get any sleep again.

Night night!


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