Wednesday, 6 May 2015

On fluidity...

Good afternon, Kristine.

It's 2PM and I just finished my "morning" yoga. So much for calling it an A.M. thing. In which, did you know that A.M. actually stands for "ante meriden"? It means "before midday", when I so obviously have done it post-meriden (which is what P.M. stands for).

But what does it matter? Time is fluid; it is just but a concept that humans came up with to try to make sense of the world. Aaand this is also why I don't believe time travel is ever possible. But then again, science is fluid too; everything is, I guess. So I shall wait for the day physics proves me wrong.

But I'm going beyond the point. Way beyond it, in fact.

I just wanted to update you that it is day two of the routine I'm trying to establish, and I am pretty happy about staying on schedule. Waking up at 8AM is still quite impossible for me. I do have alarms (yes, plural) that're supposed to wake me up at that time, but I keep hitting snooze until even the alarm gives up on me. (Or maybe I am able to stop the alarm from making any more noise whilst half-asleep; I'm not sure.)

But I have been doing the things on my schedule, although not in the sequence and timeframe that I intended. But I am doing the things! And I am very proud of that.

This brings me back to the time when I was able to handle things like a normal, functional human being, with a thousand things on those datebooks you say are so helpful. I don't know how I was able to do that back then. (Even my psych says so, mentioning that you were able to finish your undergrad studies, what happened? Well, I wish I knew.)

Ugh, I can't help but be proud of you that you are able to do that now, 'cause, you know, I know you've gone through this phase as well. It gives me hope. To know that, like you, I can also get back on my feet. #CHEESE

Okay, enough mush. So, I haven't actually been able to read Breakfast at Tiffany's yet, but I have started watching Capote (2005)! "Started" because I haven't finished it yet. (I had GA last night which pretty much messed up my whole schedule, blah, blah, blah. But, hey that was productivity too!) I had to stop the movie 'cause I was getting sleepy 'cause of my meds too.

But, anyway, man, you are sooo right! Philip Seymour Hoffman is GREAT. This isn't like the man I watched in Mockingjay, and I think he's perfect for that role--Plutarch Heavensbee. He was able to totally transform himself into another character, and very well at that too! Such a shame ha had to die.

And it also got me thinking, since he was such a perfect Plutarch in The Hunger Games movies, how will they ever replace him? Will it be like how they replaced Richard Harris as Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter movies with Gandalf/Magneto Ian McKellen?

Harris was such a perfect Dumbledore, don't you think? All soft and grandfather-like, unlike McKellen who's, well, Gandlaf/Magneto-like. I mean, not that McKellen wasn't able to transform himself into Dumbledore. He's definitely not typecasted as Gandlaf/Magneto; he's a pretty damn good actor and has done a lot more movies to be so. But he had a different take on it, and it was not the Dumbledore I imagined.

I guess, Ian McKellen is just fluid (there's that word again) as an actor. He's even going to star as Sherlock in a 2015 film called Mr. Holmes, you know? (But he's still not my Dumbledore. It was like Gandalf trying to be Dumbledore. Huhu. *nerd alert*)

Well, I hope whoever plays Plutarch in Mockingjay Pt. 2 will be as good (or maybe even better) as McKellan in being as fluid as an actor.

And I hope we can be as fluid as people too, you know (wow, full circle on fluidity). With all these changes happening around us everyday, adapting to them is all we can do right now. And I hope we're adapting to them appropriately.

And speaking of changes! I think we have a new lola in the house. Welcome to the lola book club, Butch! Hope you'll be able to catch up with the randomness of these posts and stuff, hahaha.

Lola loves,

ERRATUM: Ian McKellan never played Dumbledore. Sympathize with me on this with this post: Ian McKellan is NOT Dumbledore

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