Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ian McKellen is NOT Dumbledore

Ohmygosh, Kristine, you're right!

My life has been a lie, and my dreams are somewhat shattered. Gandalf isn't Dumbledore at all. *a dozen sad-face emojis*

Ian McKellan didn't play Dumbledore; rather, he turned it down when it was offered to him after the death of Richard Harris. Oh my, my! (I even linked his IMDB page in my previous post, but didn't bother to check if he was even in the latter Harry Potter movies. For shame, Eira Raye!)

Ugh, but nonetheless, this saddens my heart. I have always thought that Gandalf is the same as Magneto, is the same as Dumbledore, and is now the same as Sherlock Holmes. But noooooooooo! Gandlaf is not Dumbledore at all. Apparently, this Michael Gabon person is Dumbledore (yes, I checked the IMDB page this time and all).

I mean, I'm sure Gabon is a pretty good actor. He is, like Ian McKellan, knighted by the queen of England, after all. But his portrayal was very much Gandalf-ish, and that has confused me for the longest time. Till now, in fact.

Mark this day, May 6, 2015, that I, Eira Raye M. Gruta, have finally woken up from the lie I have been living that Gandlaf is, in fact, not Dumbledore, and he never was. *heart breaks*

Well, anyway, that's that. I should probably stop geeking out (or be put out) about it 'cause our newest member has already posted an entry--oh-so grown-up with a signature and all.

This is so exciting, we're growing!

I must say, though, Butch, your post is so very ~adult~. I mean, nothing wrong with that, of course. I'm just really happy that, really? You want to join this thing? Hahaha. But like, now I kind of wish I had more ~adult~ things to say than yap about these thousand-year-old wizards.

I mean, listing down things for the day, for the week, for the month, for your life i.e., "goals", ack! These latter things overwhelm me. For now, all I am able to do is try to list down what I can do in a day. Weekly planning is a little too future for me. I guess it's also 'cause I'm in the recovering phase (again; I have relpased, huhuhu). But yeah!

Hopefully I'll be able to list down those goals soon. I mean, I do have an idea of what I want to do with my life now, at least. Maybe I'm a little less lost now that my life is slowly shaping up again (did I use that right--'shape up'?).

In any case, we'll figure it out together, yeah? And for now, let us bask in the joy of this enlighting new information (at least for me and Krsitine)--Ian McKellen is NOT Dumbledore!

Lola loves,

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