Wednesday, 6 May 2015

First things first

Dearest Kristine, Eira, and you who's prolly a friend of ours reading this,

First off I want to start this post (I reckon this is the right time to stop using the word 'first') by writing that I look forward to contributing my own streak of randomness to this so-called book club. I hope me being at least 65km away from you guys won't affect the flow of ideas here.

Now, let me react to Kristine's latest entry. SLKDAKSJDAS WTH?? Did you really just discover the joys of listing down things? I am rather surprised and somehow elated that you are new to this "craft" since I will be able to share some tips based on my own listing habits!! I prolly don't look like one, but I can definitely say I'm a serial 'lister'. I find it very hard to move on with my tasks, be it with work or personal life, without writing one down. I even make a list of the lists I need to make so I won't forget them! That being said, here's a list of my notable listing habits in which, hopefully, you would benefit from:

 1. Dedicate a notebook or notepad sole for *correction* the purpose of making lists
I find it easier when all my lists are compiled since I can easily go back to the previous days' entries. I'm a very forgetful person (first sign of being a lola) so it really helps when I am able to review the things I have already done, which, naturally makes it a breeze to identify those I have yet to work on.

2. Don't just plan daily, plan weekly!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it's useless to plan daily but I'm suggesting for you to give weekly planning a chance. You're able to get a picture of how your week will be like which will hopefully help you lessen double-booking yourself with meetings, lovely dates, catch-ups, etc. Also this aids you in...

3. Identfy (-ing) big rocks and small rocks
You know for a fact that hell weeks exist, regardless if it's at school or at the workplace. How are you going to cope when it seems that tasks keep coming your way?? Simple, prioritise. Identify the major things that will take up more effort and time in accomplishing, as well as the small rocks which will be easy peasy to do. Start working on breaking those boulders before throwing out the pebbles!

4. For daily planning, make sure to jot down next day's to-do at the end of your day
There were too many day's in that line but I hope you get what I mean. Make it a habit of reflecting on (today's) activities at the end of your day (after last class or before leaving the office) to easily identify tasks you need to accomplish the next day. Based on my experience, I tend to forget the very little things when I don't take note of it before going home. That's me, but try and experiment with how your mind works around these things!

5. Colour-code!
This is a personal favourite of mine since I love me some coloured pens. Whenever I make a to-do list for work, I usually assign a color for a specific group of tasks. This makes it easier for me to determine the work flow. Moreover this makes the work less daunting since the way it's written down looks fun!!

Now, I'm not saying for you to do these but maybe give 'em a chance? I would absolutely love to hear back from you guys if you do let yourselves be fooled into doing these! But hey, seriously, do keep me on the loop on how it goes.


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