Friday, 1 May 2015

But some kind of club...

Well, Kristine, maybe not so much because we're cranky ('cause we pretty much are; not denying it), but rahter, 'cause we're just "too old for this shit" to quote Roger Murtaugh.

Yeah, yeah, I know. We're just in our early 20s and that's not old at all (as older people would say, but then again, younger people would think we're dinosaurs). But for us, at least right now, we are totally very Roger Murtaugh.

But we wouldn't want to put his name on our title, now, do we? People might think this is some kind of fan site. Nope, just two ~old ladies~ contemplating about life, and dare I say, love? Ha ha.

And regarding that talk on life and its pointlessness, and how you don't want to make it all pointless, well there's this DC quote that I just read that's quite relevant to us right now:

"Life doesn't give us purpose...We give life purpose."
- The Flash

Lolas who read comic books, yep.

This may not be a formal book club, but in some way it is. Our book is life. HAHAHA. That was wayyy too cheesy for me. But, yeah, there's so much shit in popculture we compare our lives to, and that's probably how we'll defend that, if anyone ever others to ask, lol.


PS. Since you did that cheesy shit with the "know that I’ll always be here to point and laugh at you when you make a mess of yourself" I'll be cheesy too. Um, same to you. HAHAHA. #ITried

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