Friday, 1 May 2015

Are we out of the woods yet...are we out of the woods...are we out of...are we...

Speaking of comics, Eira, I’ve been meaning to tell you about the comicbooks I’ve read recently. And when I say “tell” I meant like to really discuss on what I liked and not liked about them, and most especially the things that stuck to me after reading them.

Let’s start with Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods.

Through the Woods is an anthology of five creepy short graphic stories that may or may not remind you of works by Edgar Allan Poe, Shirley Jackson, H.P. Lovecraft, and Neil Gaiman. You know how much of a sucker I am when it comes to horror and, essentially, stories with macabre themes aka that stuff that makes you awed and scared both at the same time. Although this kind of genre is already a bait for me, Through the Woods has become an instant favorite because of how put-together the illustrations look like with the text. And when you chance upon a graphic story like that (think: Asterios Polyp), you know you’re reading something special. Also: creepy factor. How can anyone just not fall for that?

I know what you're gonna say after reading this: You already saw it coming. I know, I know. All the same, it's an awfully brilliant collection.

Also, isn’t it convenient for you that you currently live in Forestry? Ha.

Happy reading! Mu ha ha ha ha


PS You might also wanna check Emily Carroll's really awesome tumblr she's created with Vera Brosgol that consists of period outfits. Because period outfits.

PPS We can discuss more on the stories included in Through the Woods after you read them. We may want to put a SPOILER WARNING on that post, too, obviously.

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