Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Bunch of Stuff and... Say Hello to Our New Club Member Butch!

Wanna know something?

I don’t believe in time travel either.

Not time travel as we know it anyway. Like, the kind when you can travel from “the present” to “the past” or “the present” to “the future” and jump right back to “the present” any “time” you please and back to “the past” or “the future” again, like, seriously, how self-centered could “the present” get thinking that “the present” is what’s going on right now? Also, I don’t really see time as something like a linear timetable like we supposed it is where a person can just hop from one point to another, in theory or otherwise. I mean, timetables are good in this sense that it allows us to plot our actions at a given course of succession of instances. But the concept of time and timetables are just there to help us understand motion and motion in space and, well, that’s pretty much it. Time does not exist. All we have is a stream of forces in motion, moving and reacting, thus, things both living and non-living wear out and eventually die.

But then again, I’m no physicist, so what the jibber jabber is this all about?!

So, anyway, back to our human ways of measuring succession of things that push and pull each other, I’m so glad to hear that your schedule is working out for you so far! Who cares if you’re not following the schedule on time, at least you get things done? I mean, that’s the whole point of it, right? Following schedule on time is for expert-level grown ups, and we’re taking this adult thing one step at a time (or I may be just speaking for myself).

And HOLY PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN! Have I told you that he had a movie with Ethan Hawke?! It’s called Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007). I didn’t get to finish watching the movie though. That was last year when I still had a job in Manila and tired easily. I must’ve slept through it. Anyway POINT IS! I saw his acting in that movie, and this was after I saw Capote, and he was an entirely different character there, it’s amazing. Like, you know how everybody just loves Johnny Depp but when he portrays a character, you can still see his Johnny Depp-ness in the character? It’s not like that with Philip Seymour Hoffman. And, yeah, it’s too bad that he’s already gone. He is awfully missed. I also clicked on the IMDb profile you linked in your post and, wow, I didn’t know he voiced over Max Jerry Horovitz in Mary and Max? Have you seen Mary and Max? Man, that movie made me cry. Probably still would if I watch it again.

Wait, Sir Ian McKellen was Dumbledore in the latter Harry Potter movies? I thought I was just being stereotypical like, ooh, just because he’s a gray-bearded wizard, he’s Gandalf already?! They can’t possibly pick Sir Ian McKellen for Dumbledore, he’s already Gandalf? But, man, oh, man, was I always right about these things.

And welcome to the club, Butch!

And, I mean, like, literally.

As you can see this blog is just…this blog. Think of it as a patchwork quilt with different patches of different patterns and designs and pieces of fabric sewn to form a much bigger piece of fabric that can pass up as a blanket. But still a blanket. As long as it covers and gives warmth, it doesn’t really matter what it’s made of (and as long as it doesn't itch, I guess?).

Happy Hump Day, ladies!

Much love and grandma kisses,

PS I see Butch posted her first entry already! Hurrah! I just finished this post when I saw it (dang it, I knew I should've prepared a post later!), so I'll reply to your post as soon as I get back. So happy that you're part of this...this...whatever this is! xx

PPS I think we're wrong about Sir Ian McKellen being Dumbledore in the latter Harry Potter movies, Eira. Welp. They both had gray beard?

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