Friday, 1 May 2015

A Book Club that's Actually Not a Book Club

Correct me if I’m wrong, Eira, but the reason why we called ourselves “lola” (which is a Filipino translation of “old women” or “granny”) is because we’re cranky (not to stereotype all grannies as being cranky all the time at the littlest things, but you gotta admit, a lot of them are?). And why can’t we be? While life is many things, right now, to us, it is confusing and depressing and, in a way, pointless. And to me, personally, pointlessness is kind of the nature of life. But who am I to say that, right? I can only know so little within my lifetime. But am I gonna let that pointlessness stop me from making my own purpose and igniting my own warmth? You’re right. I won’t. So what is my point here (do I have a point here? *starts to rap jk*)? The point is, so while you and I struggle with whatever’s preventing us to feel unlost, this blog will be our own little hearth where we can find comfort and warmth and insert-more-warm-and-fuzzy-feels-here. Because life is many things, my love, and one of them is that it’s something we can participate in and share with other people. And while it may cause us pain most of the time, know that I’ll always be here to point and laugh at you when you make a mess of yourself.

And why book club?

Fight Club. The Breakfast Club. Two Door Cinema Club. Bombay Bicycle Club. The Joy Luck Club…


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